Welcome to the new site!


Hey folks!
Welcome to the new official website for all things Monkey Junk!
We are still in the very early stages here but we are growing it piece by piece over time as things evolve.
This will act as a main hub for everything to do with Monkey Junk, from reading the webcomic, purchasing official Monkey Junk merch, behind the scenes, our very own blog, free downloads and much more!
We want to allow you to immerse yourself in the Monkey Junk universe beyond the comic itself and this is the place to do it!
With Monkey Junk comic out very regularly, and a target of 4 issues being released per year, there’s a lot of awesome stuff to share!
So we hope you will join us, and stick around for more goodies!
And of course, we would love to hear from you so drop a comment down below and say hey!

See you all soon!

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