Indie Comic Con 2018

Hey Folks!
So Indie Comic Con 2018 has been and gone! Our first and last comic convention for the year, as 2019 fast approaches!

For those who do not know, Indie Comic Con is a comic convention that focuses 100% on creator owned content, allowing artist a platform to sell their comics and prints, without the heavy noise of fanart, pop culture toys, celebrity guests and the like. This is it’s 2nd year running now, and is a show that has been sorely needed after seeing a strong decline in sales for independents at larger conventions, who want to get their books noticed and read by a larger audience.

We firstly would like to say thank you to everyone who came along to the show, we had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, folks who knew all about Monkey Junk, some new and excited readers, and even some fans from our previous works!
It was an absolute honor meeting you all, and it is thank to you for making this event so wonderful!

Also a huge thanks to the event organizers, who put on a fantastic event, along with all of the exhibitors selling their comic wares also! I only got a chance to wander around for a little bit in the afternoon, but the quality of work that I saw was just absolutely superb, and I wish i had more money to be able to buy everything, it was all that good, and we are humbled to be able to sit among you all.
This was our first show with Monkey Junk: Chapter One at our table, and there were definitely some nerves, wondering how the book would be received, what passers by would think of, and whether we would make many sales. But i’m glad to say that we did, and hopefully we have made a few new fans because of it.

During the day, we were lucky enough to be interviewed by the wonderful Mama Jane of which we are looking forward to seeing that on her youtube channel sometime soon!
Along with Chris doing an interview with the super rad guys on the Radults Podcast.
This is a fairly new podcast, and they were interviewing a slew of the creators at the event throughout the entire day! Can’t wait to hear all of those as they are released :D

That’s about it for the wrap up, it was a fantastic event, and we are super glad that we were able to make it! And it most definitely has us very excited to be doing some more shows next year in 2019!
Things are currently on track to have Chapter 2 out in February also, so we will have a couple of books under our belts by then too which will be awesome!

Catch you all next time folks,


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